Cooper Rush was admittedly a little skittish about performing his impersonation last week after he failed at the tried-and-true rookie hazing tradition of singing in front of teammates.

"He got up there to sing one time and his singing wasn't very good at all," Dak Prescott said. "He got booed in the first three words, so didn't have much of a tone. So we had to figure out something else for him to do."

Considering Rush is a quarterback and has red hair, Tony Romo Jerseys he was called on to impersonate Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, Ezekiel Elliott Jerseyswhich is a big ask for an undrafted free agent trying to stay on everybody's good side.

"Are you saying all redheads look alike?" Garrett said, when asked about the impression.

Maybe. Maybe not. But Rush was able to pull it off.

"First things first, he walks in and [says], 'How we doin' boys?' and holds his belt a little bit," Rush said. "I guess you got to start with that one."

Some veterans put him up to it, including Prescott.

"It was great," Prescott said. Sean Lee Jerseys"The redhead, the resemblance, he did a great job."

It was so good he was called on to do it a second time.

"I saw him laughing, so we were good," Rush said of Garrett. "I was little worried, Jason Witten Jerseysbut a few guys backed me up [saying], 'You have to do it. We'll back you up if it goes south.' It was a little nerve-wracking but it worked out."

Garrett was OK with it, but he doesn't want Rush to quit his day job.

"He's a better quarterback than an impressionist," Garrett said.

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